One Voice Studio

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Hannah Kahn

I have been meaning to write you to let you know I was cast as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice! I never would have gotten the role if it hadn't been for our voice session. Thank you so much for all of your help!

— Hannah Kahn, Actor, NYC


Integrate Voice, Movement and Dance techniques

Singers, dancers and actors are often trained from different perspectives, especially as regards the use and management of breath. However, current research suggests that some of those differences might well be put to rest. 

My passion, for many years, has been the integration of voice and movement training, so that clients experience – even in singing lessons – the joy of moving and sounding at the same time!

  • Address individual concerns regarding alignment, breathing, range, resonance, articulation and connection 
  • Prepare monologues, songs, audition material, dialects 
  • Integrate singing and speaking qualities for specific roles 
  • Develop a physical/vocal warm-up that works for YOU! 
  • Address physical/vocal requirements for extraordinary roles 


Comments from clients:

You brought out sounds I did not know were in me.

— Matthew Tomlanovich, Actor/Director/Vocal Consultant, US, UK, Europe

You have enabled me to find my own voice ... to my own ability ... and your book is next to my night light, because in it I rediscover ideas that take away the inbred fear I had, once I decided to devote my life to the acting process.

— Madonna Young-McGee, Actor, Lecturer, Cal State Fullerton

The audition was wonderful and I almost chickened out. The reason I went was that I stumbled across a small yellow piece of paper on which you had written, "Outstanding!" I was the only male asked to stay at the Equity chorus call, and the casting director had me do both my monologues and my song. Then she asked if I were good with Standard American, reading phonetics, and dialect work. All I could think was, "Thank God for Joan!"

— Justin Michael Duval, Actor, Los Angeles/New York