Parkland High School, Allentown, PA

These workshops are designed to make practical connections across performance disciplines in the areas of voice, dance, movement and acting. Putting it all together, participants will explore the physicality of language, both spoken and sung, in a movement-based context.

Moving and Sounding!

Workshop for Masterclass Series 

This participative session draws on clinical and practice-based research as it works with singers on moving and sounding simultaneously. Too often singing is taught as a stationary activity; yet the performer who is also an actor and mover is the one most likely to be cast!

Dancing with Voice: A Collaborative Journey across Disciplines

Do dancers and singers breathe differently? Performance specialists have thought so for centuries. But what happens when we’re dancing and singing at the same time?

Dancing with Voice takes you from theatre to classroom to laboratory to rehearsal with professional performers, actors in training, directors, choreographers and world-class physiotherapists.

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ONE VOICE Certificate Course in Integrative Studies – 1st Intensive


Candidates on this certificate course will complete two intensives approximately 12 months apart, focusing on an integrative curriculum, along with individually designed modules, over a one-year period.

Sammi Grant

Sammi Grant (Hons), 2015, is a Chicago-based dialect/vocal coach. She earned a BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University and spent her latter two years focusing on voice and dialect work. Since graduating in 2012, she has served as the dialect and/or vocal coach for over 25 productions around the Chicagoland area. Sammi also does private dialect lessons and has provided audition prep and out-of-rehearsal coaching for countless clients. She works as a freelance voiceover artist and is a resident talent for Piclody Co.

Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace (Hons), 2015, is an English voice practitioner specializing in dialect and classical text. Jack received his BA in Drama and Ethnomusicology from Queen’s University, Belfast, and MA in Professional Voice Practice from Birmingham School of Acting. These studies are part of a life-long journey of discovery of the different aspects of voice and performance.

Zac Bradford

Zac Bradford (Hons), 2015, is an Australian singing teacher. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from New York University, where he was mentored by Dr. Brian Gill. He holds a MMusSt (Voice Pedagogy), GDipMus and BMus (Jazz Voice) from the QLD Conservatorium of Music (Australia). He has worked as Adjunct Faculty in Voice at NYU Steinhardt, and as a Voice Teacher Associate at New York Vocal Coaching. Zac has recently returned to Australia, where he manages and teaches voice at New York Vocal Coaching AUSTRALIA, the first international branch of NYVC.

DANCING WITH VOICE: A Holistic Approach to Training and Performance

5th Annual Conference

Healthy Approaches in the Training of Performing Artists, Chapman University, Orange, CA

Musical theatre actors take a wide range of dance classes, acting classes, voice, speech and dialect classes, and private singing lessons, which they must then integrate in performance. “Telling the story,” and using the language can help to bring it all together with efficient, unlabored breath management, and with physicality that releases the voice.