Sammi Grant

Sammi Grant (Hons), 2015, is a Chicago-based dialect/vocal coach. She earned a BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University and spent her latter two years focusing on voice and dialect work. Since graduating in 2012, she has served as the dialect and/or vocal coach for over 25 productions around the Chicagoland area. Sammi also does private dialect lessons and has provided audition prep and out-of-rehearsal coaching for countless clients. She works as a freelance voiceover artist and is a resident talent for Piclody Co. As she continues to develop her career, Sammi would like to explore voice work in non-theatrical settings, e.g., public speaking, accent reduction for corporate/business clients, and voice therapy. Sammi is legally blind and connects to the world around her mainly through auditory and vocal means. She wants to help people—both in theatre and out—find and use their full vocal potential.

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