Mythical Disconnects vs. Training the Whole Instrument

September 06 2014 to September 07 2014

4th Annual Healthy Approaches in the Training of Performing Artists Conference

Chapman University, Orange, CA



Mythical Disconnects: Two Voices and a Body

Too often performers are conditioned to think they have a "speaking voice" and a "singing voice." Yet the voice we use to speak, laugh, cry, shout, scream, yawn and call out is the same voice we use to sing. In the training of singers, the performer’s body below the level of the larynx often get little attention. Yet even in opera, singers today frequently have to move as they sing and occasionally perform in physical positions that seem counter to “correct” posture. Body and voice do tend to connect in actor training—but, sadly, without the dimension of singing in most instances. 



Training the Whole Instrument

This participatory session draws on recent research and an integrative perspective, as it makes direct, practical connections across a range of techniques from the separate disciplines of voice, acting and dance. Workshop participants will explore the multi-tasking capabilities of trunk muscles while noting the relationship of physicality to vocal range and resonance, clarity of speech and intention.