James Harrison

James Harrison (Hons), 2014, is an Australian theatre-maker, musician, and performance coach currently based in Tasmania. His theatrical credits range from stage management positions and writing, to directing and performing in musical, classical, and contemporary theatre. James is passionate about creating new works that explore the Australian experience, as well as investigating the methods by which performers train. His ongoing work centres on exploring the notion that many of the exigencies of performance could be addressed in training by implementing key elements of Kendo, a Japanese martial art, and he has devised a series of exercises that explore those concepts. Pivotal to the work Is the idea that increasing demands on muscles used for vocalization in training, prepares the performer for easier vocalization in performance. At the inaugural AusAct: Australian Actor Training Conference in 2018, James presented a paper, “Within and between: Integrative performer training and the sword,” further illustrating the work. James has a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Hons) from the University of Tasmania Launceston.

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